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Count the days, and make the days count.

Digital art that counts down the days you have left to live.

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Main features

  • Living, Dynamic Art

    The number of days counts down every day, reminding you of your own morality.

  • Completely Wireless

    Ultra-Low power e-paper display allows 24 months of battery life.

  • Personalized for You

    We'll hep you determine the most likely number of days remaining in your life.

  • 100% Guaranteed

    If for any reason you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll refund the full purchase price, no questions asked.

A 'Memento Mori'

Memento Mori is the ancient practice of reflecting on our mortality, so as to treat our time as a gift and not waste it on the trivial.

This simple reminder can bring us closer to living the life we want.


Isn't this artwork a little confronting?

This is our favorite question. The answer is: Yes. And that's the point. While a little uncomfortable at first, remembering that we won't be alive forever is the most important thing in living a full life without regrets. We hope that our art will serve as a tool to create perspective and inspire urgency.

Does the number of days change?

Yes. Using a low power e-paper display (similar to those seen in premium e-readers) the number of days remaining will update every day.

How do you determine how many days I have left?

Based on your gender and date of birth, we'll help you determine the most likely number. The true number of days may, of course, be greater or smaller. Our hope is that this art will remind you that your number of days remaining is finite, and decreasing every day.

Does the frame need to be plugged into the wall?

No. The ultra-low power display means that the rechargeable battery keep the frame charge for several years.

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